Patient's Feedback

"I appreciate the help I got from physical therapy at Lakeland. It has helped my balance. Also the home exercises help strengthen my legs. I'm glad I had the opportunity do this. Mary Joy was so patient with me." B.T.

"I have been receiving therapy at Lakeland for a Baker's cyst. Mary Joy has done a great job managing the pain and swelling and was very patient and informative in helping me bring the pain under control. Although the cyst will not go away, I feel Mary Joy has given me a thorough explanation of how to manage and maintain. Joe was very professional in explaining insurance and both Joe and Mary Joy made me feel comfortable in their office." A.S."

"Physical Therapy rocks! exercises are like games! My physical therapist is fun!" C.O.

"I believe my daughter really enjoyed physical therapy with Mary Joy. My daughter improved in no time coming here for a short time. Mary Joy was helpful to me also and kept me informed every step of the way. I would definitely refer her to anyone that would need therapy. D.O. ( Mother of patient)
"I think therapy went very well for me. I'm glad I had a great therapist. When going to therapy I learned a lot and it feels great to be able to move my arm again. My therapist was very good. She treated me well and I was proud. She is very nice, If I were to tell anyone if they need therapy I would definitely tell them to go come to Lakeland Physical Therapy. I want to thank you for helping me." B.D.